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Iowa Tax Update

Jun 13, 2019

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act brought many changes to federal tax laws for the 2018 tax year. Today, Rob Poterucha gives a tax update about the upcoming changes that will take place to better conform Iowa...

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Financial Statements: Information Included and How to Interpret

May 28, 2019

Last month, Brian Newton discussed the different types of financial statements that MHCS can provide. Today, he dives deeper into what is included on those statements and how to interpret the informat...

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Spring Cleaning Your Accounting Software

May 22, 2019

“Spring Cleaning” is often used to describe how we sort through clothes or household items to keep, toss, or donate in the attempt to get organized at home. Spring can also be a great time of the year...

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My Pleasure

May 20, 2019

Whenever I finish ordering my spicy Chick-fil-A sandwich and waffle fries with Chick-fil-A sauce in the drive-thru line (which is perhaps too often) and thank the employee taking my order, without fai...

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Electric Vehicle Tax Credit Update

May 15, 2019

I am looking for a new vehicle. I never really thought of an electric vehicle until I became a bit infatuated with a Tesla which, as I am sure you know, is an electric car. Being a CPA, I also knew ab...

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Withholding: Planning for Your Tax Return

May 13, 2019

Would you rather have a large tax return in the new year, or have more money each month throughout the year and have a much smaller return or pay in a little? This is a personal question and today, Ro...

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Stop the Silence

May 06, 2019

Do you or anyone you know struggle with a mental illness? According to the National Alliance of Mental Illness Organization, one in five adults or roughly 600,000 Iowans live with some form of mental ...

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Different Types of Financial Statements

Apr 25, 2019

There are many reasons why your business may need a timely and accurate set of financial statements. Today, Brian Newton gives examples of those reasons and explains the different types of financial s...

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What's Your Financial Information Style?

Apr 22, 2019

Are you a person who learns by doing? Or would you rather watch someone else show you how it’s done before you give it a try? When the box says, “some assembly required,” do you locate and read the di...

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Revenue Recognition for Not-For-Profit Entities

Apr 17, 2019

We have posted several video blogs regarding the changes to revenue recognition over the past year. I hope you have had a chance to watch these videos explaining the 5-step process and how they impact...

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