5 Biggest Business Trends In 2023

Businesses have faced huge challenges and have undergone an incredible amount of change over the past few years, and this won’t slow down in 2023. Here are the trends that could have the greatest day-to-day impact on the way we work and do business in 2023.

Accelerated Digital Transformation

Businesses need to ensure they embed the right technology throughout their processes and in every area of operations. More effective sales and marketing, better customer service, more efficient supply chains, products and services that are more aligned with customer needs, and streamlined manufacturing processes are all on the table, and in 2023, the barriers to accessing them will be lower than ever.

Inflation and Supply Chain Security

We are told by experts to expect ongoing inflation and subdued economic growth. To combat this and stay afloat, companies need to improve their resilience in any way that they can. This means reducing exposure to volatile market pricing of commodities, as well as building protective measures into supply chains to deal with shortages and rising logistical costs.


In 2023, companies need to make sure that their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) processes are moved to the center of their strategy. Every business needs a plan with clear goals and timeframes of how to reduce any negative impacts, and then the plan needs to be underpinned by solid action plans.

Immersive Customer Experience

As well as customer experience, businesses increasingly need to think about employee experience as competition for the most talented and skilled workers grows more intense.

The Talent Challenge

Businesses must deal with the vast skills gap that exists in areas such as data science, AI, and other technology areas, ensuring they are creating the data and tech-savvy workforce needed to succeed in the future.

Read the full Forbes article for details about each topic.

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