MHCS and our affiliate, Wealth Advisors of Iowa (WAI) work in tandem to provide you with services that will help you grow and maintain your wealth accumulation goals.

A Step Ahead of Retirement

It’s not too early to start planning for retirement. Our team has developed well-rounded retirement services for clients approaching the early stages of retirement planning. We know the importance of proper planning and understand that retirement goals and choices are never accomplished with a one-size-fits-all approach. This program dives into Social Security, Investments, Charitable Planning & Giving, Life Insurance, Long-Term Care, and more.

Social Security Planning

Social Security is a complex issue, and for many people, it brings a great deal of anxiety. Many factors can impact your Social Security strategy, including other retirement income, how long you expect to need Social Security benefits, your spouse’s claiming strategy, if applicable, and more. Our Social Security professional can help you create a solid plan for your individual financial situation – and even walk you through the steps to apply for benefits.

Investment Management

While WAI doesn’t directly manage investments, we work closely with an investment advisory group. We can also work closely with your investment advisor to assist with your financial plans. We value those relationships and are active to help accomplish your goals by attending the client’s meetings with their advisor(s), doing on-going due-diligence and working as a liaison to keep your advisors including your CPA informed. In addition, WAI can assist with rollovers from employer sponsored plans.

Estate and Gift Tax Planning

Estate planning is a sensitive topic, but one that should be handled thoroughly. It encompasses more than just the distribution of your assets; an estate plan can help protect your estate – and your loved ones – from heavy taxation, freeing up assets for immediate financial needs and avoiding probate. It covers important issues such as who will take care of your children, who may be called on to handle your medical and financial affairs, and how you can minimize and possibly avoid estate taxes. Our team, in combination with your wealth management advisor and your estate attorney, can help you plan every piece of your estate to fit together cohesively.

Advisory Services offered through Wealth Advisors of Iowa LLC, a State of Iowa Registered Investment Advisor, and an affiliate of MHCS Certified Public Accountants and Business Advisors.