You Want Your Commercial Real Estate Agents to Be More Efficient

When you hire a new agent, do you conduct a standard office job interview? Do they have the training necessary to put their real estate skills and knowledge to good use? If all of your new agents end up leaving in a matter of months, the problem could be the way that you bring them on board.

Without their broker’s help, new agents will have a hard time breaking into the field. Efficiency helps agents do better at their jobs.

Consider the following four ways that you can help your newest agents get up to speed.

1. Offer Better Training
According to a poll conducted by Inman, the number one reason that agents give up on real estate is because their brokers do not offer them the necessary training to succeed. The onus is on you, the broker, to help bring new agents on board.

Whether that means you have to adopt better training software that enables your agents to learn on their own time or that you have to provide hands-on training, new agents who receive training from their brokers do better than those who don’t. Some of the things your agents need to know can be learned only from experience, not from real estate coursework. You can enable them to enhance their skills by offering better training.

2. Help Them Generate Leads
Experience is the one thing that new agents simply don’t have. Your lead base grew over time and your ability to generate leads has been honed over years of experience. Help your agents get their feet off the ground by assisting them with lead generation. Inman’s poll found that nearly half of all respondents listed lead generation as one of the main topics that should be covered during training. Moreover, understanding where to search for the right leads is something that brokers should be willing to impart to their new agents.

3. Encourage Collaboration
Real estate is a competitive field, even within the same firm. Firms filled with agents who have competitive attitudes toward each other are less apt to help each other. What results is an office atmosphere that is distrustful, tense, and uninviting. Instead, promote collaboration within your firm to improve your new agents’ efficiency and help them get past those growing pains more easily. What otherwise could take them months to learn, can be mastered quickly if agents have in-office mentors and brokers with whom they can speak and ask questions.

4. Break Down Teams and Lead Wisely
Part of your firm’s efficiency is affected by how you assign leads and how you break down teams. If you force certain personality types to work together that just don’t mesh in a team environment, the work will suffer. If you force agents to focus on land deals when they really want to grow and flourish in the industrial market, they will be disgruntled and perhaps won’t give the work their best effort. Most assuredly, they may leave or give up the profession in time if you don’t step in to help them.

To learn more about how you can nurture your new agents, contact MHCS today. We can help get your training on track.