The Iowa Supplier Connection Portal

As the Manufacturing 4.0 Initiative looks for ways to help Iowa Manufacturers remain globally competitive, the Iowa Supplier Connection Portal was created to deepen connections within the state.

The Iowa Supplier Connection Portal helps Iowa manufacturers to connect with each other, gain more visibility among each other, identify opportunities to diversify, and become part of a greater supply chain.

With no charge for companies to create a profile and join, the portal creates a supportive space for manufacturing opportunities of all sizes to grow in the state.

Why would we use this?

Before the pandemic, predictable global supply chains allowed companies to order products just in time for production needs. The pandemic changed this with shutdowns creating greater demands and unpredictability in delivery. This shift appears to be here to stay and has some companies looking for more local connections to meet their production needs. The Iowa Supplier Connection Portal enhances in-state supply chain connectivity between Iowa manufacturers.

How do we join?

To join the Supplier Connection Portal, register a company account and create an individual user account that connects with the company. If your company is already listed in the portal, you can add your information as a user account.

All companies and users will go through a validation process before gaining access to the portal. Once granted access, use your credentials to log in.

Consider becoming part of the portal to further support the growth of manufacturers in the state of Iowa.