Recurring Accounting Services

By Michelle Leonard, CPA

Not-for-profit organizations all have one thing in common; a mission to serve and support a need in the community. This mission not only impacts the world around you but the people inside your organization. Unfortunately, at times, these employees are bogged down with back-end tasks instead of what they originally joined the organization for; an opportunity to serve. This is where outsourcing generally comes into the picture. Outsourcing is a great option to ensure your organization is not only getting the skilled support they need but also allows you to focus on what you truly love doing.

At McGowen Hurst Clark Smith, we have a long history of working with not-for-profits. Our team takes a great interest in learning about the clients’ unique needs and understands the difficulties of leading a not-for-profit organization. In addition to traditional tax and accounting services, we are proud to offer many recurring professional services for organizations who need additional back-office support on a more regular basis. We offer the following recurring professional services:

Our goal is to allow not-for-profit organizations to focus on what they do best, helping others. We will work with you and your unique needs to determine what solution is best for your organization. Please contact Michelle Leonard at for more details on our recurring professional services.

Michelle Leonard, CPA | Manager