Pioneering Something New

By Mallory Frazzini

Change. It’s so constant right now that we are all some type of pioneer exploring a new territory. From personal to professional it’s something we all endure. The accounting profession is seeing massive changes from changing standards to the systems we use each day.

For myself, 2018 was a year of a ton of personal growth and change, from getting married, to welcoming a baby girl, and then learning my husband’s job was relocating us to Nashville, TN. Fortunate for me, MHCS worked with me, and my family, and made me their first remote auditor. This was the start of a new and exciting journey for myself and the firm, and it all started by not being afraid to go out of the comfort zone and try something new. With most client systems being all electronic audits and the great communication skills I developed while working at MHCS, we thought this was the perfect arrangement for when I made my move to Nashville. I have successfully completed my first busy season with the firm as a remote worker and this has created so many new learning experiences and introduced different skill-sets for myself and the firm.

With that, I wanted to share some of the best practices and key takeaways I have learned during my time as a remote worker.

Best Practices

Key Takeaways

Overall, I hope this helps and shine some light on any opportunities that may come your way and I encourage you all to help pioneer something new.

Mallory Frazzini | Senior Auditor