Modular Construction A “Big Risk, Big Reward” Investment

When planned correctly, the benefits are substantial, starting with time savings due to the concurrent on-site and off-site construction work, as well as the potential cost savings of a typical construction budget.


  1. Saves Time
  2. Limited Possibility of Weather Delay
  3. No Need to Store Materials
  4. Lower Labor Costs
  5. Reduced Volume of Waste


  1. Mass Production / Limited Variety
  2. Higher Amount of Complex Decisions / Front Loaded Design
  3. Approval Process Can Be Complicated
  4. Risk is on Few Suppliers
  5. Transportation Costs & Risk
  6. Difficult Financing Process

While there are more contingencies and risk factors to weigh in project planning, cost savings and convenience can help expand project options for developers and investors.

If planned and executed properly, modular construction can increase efficiency, lower cost, and provide quality layout and material options for a variety of building types.

Avoid managing this process in a vacuum. Work with an experienced team of construction and real estate advisors to help you make the right decisions for your company.