I’m a Rower…Now!

I’m a rower…now!

Late last year while at an audit client’s office, the company’s president randomly stopped in and asked if I was a rower, as in boat rowing. Supposedly, my tall frame is a good one for rowing. (Who knew? Not me!).

I row in my work out classes (when I’m told to), but never without instruction and never more than a few minutes at a time. He then went on to tell me about an indoor rowing facility he belongs to and suggested I give it a try.

I was definitely intrigued. What he didn’t know was that I was bored with my current workout routine, but the thought of trying something different hadn’t crossed my mind yet (change is hard). His random comment got me thinking about rowing. I did some research, called the rowing facility, and ended up going to a beginner’s class to try it out.

The client’s random comment is such a great example of a referral that I didn’t even realize it was a referral until I looked back on the conversation. His passion of the sport and rowing facility was evident in his comments and inspired me to take action.

If you are happy with an experience/service, store, professional, really anything – let people know! They may or may not be interested, but you won’t know until the conversation starts. And if they’re like me, they might not even know they are in need of a referral.

Abby Hood, CPA
| Manager