Financial Podcasts

By Jenna Wolfe

Podcasts have had a spike in popularity in the last few years. It seems that there used to be a preconceived notion that podcasts were boring and irrelevant. However, they are finally starting to get attention for their potential to make a wide array of subjects interesting. Some of my friends focus on podcasts relating to sports, crime, history, or fictional stories. Although podcasts are gaining interest, I think there is still a genre of podcast that is undervalued: financial knowledge. As a recent college graduate, I’m always trying to find ways to pay off my student debt faster while still having money to go to fun events with friends. Financial podcasts help me find those ways, and I find that they can be a great way to pass the time while working out or driving too.

I know some people will think the combination of financial topics and podcasts sounds unenticing, but there really is a hidden gem there! Sometimes it can be difficult to fully understand a financial topic you’re reading about or small financial topics that may not get discussed with your accountant. That’s what makes financial podcasts so great. It can increase your general understanding of accounting, financial planning, and inform you of updates that may affect you.

Some of the financial podcasts I’ve liked or heard positive reviews about are listed below:

I like these podcasts because they breakdown financial topics and many take calls from real listeners. In school, I was always taught to not fear asking a question in class because if I’m confused, the chances are someone else is too. Having real callers gives me a chance to relate to a topic I’m unsure of. Many listeners call in with questions on how to best pay and plan for a mortgage, children, college, emergency funds, and credit cards. Topics that are very applicable in most Americans’ lives.

Some individuals just don’t enjoy podcasts, and that’s okay. However, if you do like them, I suggest giving an informative podcast about personal finance or trends in accounting a shot. Listen to the first few minutes of different ones and see if they peak your interest. It’s a good way to increase your knowledge in an informal and convenient manner!

Many podcasts not only talk about expenses but also optimizing your income. Giving direction on how to expand your skillset and thus income, is especially valuable. I don’t know anyone who wishes they had less money, so why not take a chance at gaining knowledge and giving yourself more disposable income? I hope you find a financial podcast that not only gives you enjoyment, but also helps you learn ways to better increase your savings and financial stability!

Jenna Wolfe | Staff Accountant