Fear of What If?

By Bob McGowen, CPA

Currently as a nation and as a World, we are dealing with the concerns, emotion, and uncertainty of the Coronavirus and what devastation we might encounter.

The media, as with most “news”, appear to be reporting on sensationalizing the issue. They have gone from informing the public to selling news. In an age of instant gratification and so much news and internet information availability, it becomes difficult to determine what is or is not the real information. This promotes a fear of “what if.”

We need to look beyond the fear that is in our marketplace. We need to pursue each day with a calm head and understand we should not live in fear of “what if.” We do need to be aware of the issues, considerate of the issues, and we need to be able to make good decisions. We do not need to be in fear of what might happen and deal with the present.

I believe we have certain ethics in life. If we live by these ethics, I also believe we can be in control of our lives and our fears. The ethics I believe can make a difference are:

Before you speak – Listen

Before you spend – Earn

Before you write – Think

Before you quit – Try

Before you pray – Believe

Before you die – Live

If we live by these ethics, we will not fear “What If.” We will live by the life we desire.

Bob McGowen, CPA | Consultant and Former Shareholder